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Alan & Patt BAXTER .
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I have enclosed the agreed deposit / total payment* of ...........€ for the pottery programme discussed, and (if applicable) will pay the balance of ...........€ four weeks before the starting date of the programme.

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Cancellations - It must be recommended to insure against such eventuality; however should you cancel up to one month prior to your start date your deposit is transferable to an alternative date within the calendar year.

All other cancellations should be referred to your insurers.

Given these worst situations we would always seek a fair solution.

I have enclosed my cheque (detailed above) payable to:

Mr and Mrs Baxter.

N.B. Payments in sterling can be arranged.


The Booking Form together with your cheque should be sent to:

Le Studio d’ Alan Baxter
34 rue du Faubourg
66230 Prats–de-Mollo