July, 2024

July and August: Prats De Mollo puts on a show of music, food, dance, historical re-enactments and festivals amidst a town of shared and joyful bonhomie.

The people come rambling, swimming, biking, fishing, taking 4 X 4s over the mountains, bungee-jumping, paint balling and swinging through the trees
..... dining well and toasting the town. All set amidst the beauty and lushness of the green green mountains

The experience of local farmers has been developed on the fertile lands of the surrounding mountins for hudreds of years. The local producers put on feasts in July, August and October for all to sample the excellence of their produce. Contact us to find out exact dates and to book tickets

All the weeks are full of excitement, none more so than those surrounding Bastille Day on July 14th. The lighted Fort and the Old Town of Prats provide a great back-drop for all gathered in the main aquare to watch the fireworks.


Leopard’s Bane (arnica montana)

Alpine (2100m +)
Pyreneen Columbine (aquilegia pyrenaica)

Adonis pyrenaica