Five Day Pottery

Previous students will recognise this programme as the old residential week course, however similar there are now significant differences.

The five day pottery can be accessed using any consecutive days, but leap-frogging weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

The workshop day commences at: 10.00 hrs. and closes at : 20.00 hrs. (16.30 on the last day)
with supported hours between 10.00 hrs. - 12.30 hrs.
and 14.00 hrs. - 16.30 hrs.

Unsupported Hours are from 12.30 hrs. - 14.00 hrs.
and 16.30 hrs. - 20.00 hrs.

The maximum workshop student day is ten hours. On occasion this may be extended a little when and where kiln work is necessary outside normal times.

If you are a guest in one of the 11 apartments at MPH,
It is more likely that your five days will be from a Monday to a Friday to best fit your weekend to weekend booking schedule unless your stay is longer.

PRICES 2019:
425,00€ for residents of the workshop apartments and 575,00€ for non residents

Plus - All materials/fired objects will be charged by weight when leaving the workshop. These costs are all clearly detailed in the workshop for scrutiny.