BOOKINGS - How to make a pottery programme booking

Prior to making out any booking forms or departing with any money, it is assumed that we will have had an informal 'chat' by phone or by e-mail* to discuss your wishes regarding the Pottery Workshop, even if it just to ask for an INTRODUCTION to clay as well as to consider 'when' and 'which' programme. For those travelling distances it may well be necessary to discuss 'where' in terms of accommodation. This having been done, please download the 'Pottery Booking Form' to be found in 'contact'

*If you have emailed us and not received a reply within reasonable time, please assume that cyberspace has failed you and try an alternative route.

Having filled in the Booking Form and enclosed the 25% deposit or full payment (depending upon what has been agreed), please forward it to:
Alan Baxter's Pottery Workshop, 34 rue du Faubourg, 66230 Prats-de-Mollo, FRANCE.