2018 PROPOSITION 50% Reduction

Half price ‘accommodation’ and half price ‘pottery workshop’ PROPOSITION.

We have enjoyed successes with exchanges from Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles and London.

Each year half price ‘Contracts’ are available to a few applicants who can offer the underwritten requirements:
- A minimum period of four weeks
- A willingness to give a number of hours of work within the apartments and workshop for an agreed number of 20 hours per week.

Suitable applicants for this proposition will be looking to be involved in a dedicated pottery workshop experience but at a significantly reduced price for an extended period of time. This is a serious offer and only the most committed should apply.

Successful applicants will be offered one of our six studio apartments 1,6,7,8,10 and 11 and personal pottery workshop use for up to twenty hours per week with support, plus plenty of additional workshop availability.

The half price offer will be structured upon our seasonal weekly rates – accommodation 350,00€ (low season) and 436,00€ (high season). The workshop tariff for the workshop is 350,00€ per week. The minimum joint contract price for 'accommodation' and 'workshop' is normally 700,00€ for one week in our ‘low’ season. This special reduction offers a very generous weekly average price of just 350,00€ for accommodation and workshop combined.

Minimum Fee 1400,00€ for four weeks.

Should you wish a partner to share your apartment an additional 10 euros per day should be included.

One of our successful 50% exchanges was with an experienced potter from Chicago, her name is Amanda Gentry. Amanda has kindly offered her email contact to anybody who would appreciate an independent input about her experiences here as a student of the 50% Proposition.

The workshop also enjoyed successful exchange with an energetic lady wishing to develop her own workshop in the future, she too offered her email contact for comment and feedback about the
50% Proposition.