La Fete de L'Ours

Old clothes recommended

Book an apartment early and share with the village, and thousands more visitors, this rare event of festival, laughter, dance and fun.

Prats de Mollo marks the end of winter with the Fete de l'Ours four day carnival. Famously based on traditional folklore this annual event attracts many hundreds of visitors each year to witness the village people celebrate the end of winter.

There is the re-enactment of the story of a young maiden stolen from the village by a bear. Chosen villages dress in costume, chase amonst the surrounding hills, the old village streets and the crowds leaving the 'mark of the bear' on most faces (a mix of soot and olive oil).

A great romp and an atmosphere of 'time out' with processions, music and Sardane dancing over four days.

Monsieur Remedi, le Maire, meets the bear